Lawn Care Services

TOPGUN Property Management is dedicated to helping residents of Spearfish maintain beautiful lawns that they can take pride in. Of all of the services we offer, lawn care is where our passion lies. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, and you can always count on professionalism and dependability.

We can handle anything your yard requires, but some of our standard services include:

green grass picture

Weekly mowing. Our top quality lawn mowers will leave your yard looking professionally manicured. We also trim around trees, bushes, and landscaping; edge around driveways and sidewalks; and blow debris off your patios, deck, driveway, and sidewalks.

Fertilizing. Your lawn needs the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and secondary nutrients to look its greenest, have good blade growth and root strength, and avoid disease. Leave it to us to know exactly what your lawn needs and when. We will also fertilize trees and shrubs as needed.

Weed control. South Dakota is home to some fast growing, rapidly spreading annuals and perennials that can quickly take over your entire yard, including non-lawn areas such as gravel and mulch. Nothing takes away from the polished look of a yard like weeds. The best method of weed control is prevention. A Spring spraying and follow-ups in the Summer/Fall as needed will create a chemical barrier that prevents germination.

Aeration. This is beneficial anytime, but it’s typically done in the Spring and Fall. Aeration aids in your lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients, which improves its ability to survive prolonged periods of dry heat.

Fall leaf cleanup. Not only are dead, dry leaves a fire hazard, they’re also unhealthy for your lawn. A layer of leaves left on your lawn for the snow to pile up on can suffocate your lawn, invite pests and disease, and form a barrier that blocks water, nutrients, and healthy sunlight and air flow.

Fall leaf cleanup pic

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